Wednesday, October 10, 2007

another me

so, a couple weekends ago i went up to NYC to visit with katya and her baby belly, and also attend and walk in a fashion show -- just another one of those "say yes" situations that i felt i had to do. Kate was producing the ECOfest fashion show, and called upon friends to walk the clothing around - fun, most of us had a sense of absurdity about the whole experience of modeling, and of course we were so happy to help Kate with this and see her create this amazing show.
i was having pure fun with the whole experience (getting pampered, feeling like another person, camaraderie...) until about 30 seconds before i was supposed to walk on - then it hit me that i was completely unqualified and what was i thinking?!
my face is saying "what in the world am i doing up here?". i think i said it out loud to john (in the photo, who is also a non-model friend of Kates, a grad student) and he said "it will be good thing to have done."

so, it happened, its real, and now im left to process my slightly terrified looking photos...
(the say yesness of it was exhilarating... getting to have a totally new kind of experience. all in all, its true --it was an interesting thing to do...)

Ben is out on business this week, so im left to my own devices for a while -- its always good for getting work done, and getting life a bit more organized. i got to update my j-lism website and look at some articles with a clear head, take a nap in the middle of the day, cook for one, and just be internal for a while. it always motivating. field has also had a bit of a break, long weekend and today was just meetings, no classes -- allows my mind to really focus on the writing. field teaching is a wonderful part of my day, but can be a little consuming - there are always things to think about, ways to improve.

alright, time to end the day....


divya said...

wow you look so modely-y in those pictures! The whole "say yes" thing reminds me of that episode of Sex and the City where SJP agrees to do a fashion show and then trips. Not that you look like you are about to trip or anything.

sounds like a great experience!

lucy said...
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lucy said...

hey! love this entry and that the show affected you-i didn't get a models perspective and am glad you jumped on the wagon! we were so lucky to have you and i think you look beautiful!